White tom with blue eyes.

Apprentice of BirdClan.

Roleplay by Wildwindstar.


Dove was born to Hawk and Blaze with two siblings Morning and Fern in Loners of the Barn. In the middle of leaf-bare.

At the age of 4 moons old he join BirdClan. He was taken care by Reefheart and Blazeheart with their kits Fallenkit, Blazekit, Runningkit and Robinkit.

At the age of 6 moons old he and his siblings became an apprentice. His mentor is Birdstar.

His adopted parnets died of being killed by a dog and greencough. He and his adopted siblings greif about the lost of the parnets.




  • His warrior name would be Dovenight.
  • He will see his siblings again.

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